The British made Ooty their own place, built summer palaces, beautiful cottages, gardens and lived there in the most aristocratic way with their families. When India became independent, they had to leave their favourite place. But they left behind their memories there, along with their exquisite bungalows, mansions and cottages built in European architectural style.And nows our turn to relive their aristocratic life, in a 150 year old British Bungalow, where their memories are still very much alive. British cliff club resort, has surrounding beauty of hills, lakes and valleys so closely. The main attraction of ooty includes hill stations and mountains. The hotel allows you to enjoy view of the hill station and beautiful scenaries. It assures comfortable stay includes many special club rooms, restaurant, travel desk and play area for kids. There is a big play area and kids are spending lots of times in this cliff club. Cliff having a spacious lawn and in which the guest can relax in this place. British cliff club offers many activities like campfire. It is very entertainment. cliff offers a wide delicious quality food and good customer service.We provides a wide variety with full of tasty foods and our service is very best. Parking Facility is good.All vehicles can enter the hotel.

BRITISH CLIFF CLUB RESORTS, is situated on a cliff around 11/2 kilometers above the Race Course and is spread over an area of 3 ½ acres. From this palatial building you can relish the surrounding scenic beauty of hills and valleys so closely.The geographical position of the hotel also allows you to enjoy a view of the hill station from the top of a cliff. The British company realised the potential of this place and as a summer getaway and a fertile high altitude to terrain for tea plantation and tipusultan changed to the destiny of ooty. It is very famous resort in south indian.